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O'Reilly: Government Performance "Pitiful" On Ebola, Immigration

BILL O'REILLY: Many Americans really don't care how their government operates. It's obvious. It's quite clear the Obama administration is having a very hard time running the country right now. Yet, about 40 percent of Americans still approve of the President's job performance. That's mind boggling.

Let's take a sports comparison. The New York Jets having a dismal season losing seven straight games. The city is outraged. There is anger and loathing in the air. I actually feel sorry for the Jets coaches and players because the criticism is relentless.

But we are not seeing that on the political side. Two examples. The administration still does not have a coherent Ebola policy. There is no travel ban from West Africa and there's no mandatory quarantine. 33-year- old nurse Kaci Hickox is defying a state of Maine quarantine because she can.

HICKOX: I truly believe that this policy is not scientifically nor constitutionally just. And so I am not going to sit around and be bullied by politicians and forced to stay in my home when I am not a risk to the American public.

O'REILLY: Well that may be true but it's not her call. Miss Hickox working with West Africa with Ebola patients and if public health authorities in the USA deem a 21-day quarantine period necessary, so be it. Miss Hickox should be taken into custody but she will not be, because the feds have no Ebola policy at all.

The latest, President Obama opposes forced quarantines for civilians, but wants them for the military. What? Even worse -- the failure to enforce immigration law.

As 'The Factor' has been reporting this week two California police officers shot dead by an illegal alien last week. The alleged killer 34- year-old Luis Monroy-Bracamonte had been deported to Mexico twice yet Bracamonte was running around California. Does Governor Jerry Brown even care? He has been a champion of rights for the undocumented. He's allowed them to have driver's licenses, in state college tuition. Has ordered California authorities not to detain criminals unless it's a felony beef.

'The Factor' called Governor Brown, asked him if he would be attending the funerals of the police officers next week. His office says the Governor doesn't know. He might not. That's appalling. Governor Brown should be in the front pew of the funerals apologizing to the families of the slain police officers because it is the sanctuary policies in California that attract illegal criminals.

On the national front, President Obama will not enforce immigration law either. Like all the Presidents before him, he has not secured the southern border and has made no comment about the two California police officers being murdered. And there is a reason for that. What can Mr. Obama say? It is his failure to order the Justice Department to enforce immigration law that has led to much chaos and violence.

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