October 30, 2014 Archives

October 30, 2014 Archives

Krauthammer: "No Doubt" Chickenshit Comment An "Accurate Reflection" Of What Obama Thinks

BRIAN KILMEADE, FOX NEWS: Let's move on and talk about our international relations. A big editorial in The Washington Post, our relations with Turkey have never been worse. And now with Israel the same exact thing. According to a high-ranking senior Obama administration official, personally ripping into Benjamin Netanyahu, calling him chicke

Lanny Davis: "There Is No Doubt" The White House Knows Who Said "Chickensh*t"

On WMAL-AM's morning show, former Clinton White House special counsel said there is "no doubt" the Obama administration knows who made the "chickenshit" comment about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Davis called for the leaker to be fired and said whoever made the comment is chickenshit. "There is no doubt they know who it is," Davis

Larry Sabato Now Predicts A GOP Senate: "Bet On A Republican Majority"

JOHN SCOTT, FNC: Larry Sabato is director of the University of Virginia center for politics, spends a lot of time looking into his crystal ball, which has been a bit cloudy of late, any more clarity today, Larry? LARRY SABATO: Well, today we said go ahead and bet on a GOP majority. You know, Jon, we're very cautious at the crystal ball and we'r

Kirsten Powers: "Obama Tends To Surround Himself With People Who Suck Up To Him," "Kool-Aid Drinkers"

Kirsten Powers slammed President Obama and the people he surrounds himself during a discussion of a possible cabinet shakeup on Thursday's broadcast of FOX News' Outnumbered. "Is it fair to blame the staff? He's the one who hired all these people," Powers said. "I think that the president tends to surround himself with people who suck up

Landrieu: "The South Has Not Always Been The Friendliest Place For African-Americans"

In an interview with NBC's Chuck Todd, Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-Louisiana) said the reason President Obama has low approval ratings in the South is because it's not "the friendliest place for African-Americans." "I'll be very, very honest with you. The South has not always been the friendliest place for African-Americans," Landrieu said. "It's been

Barney Frank Praises Ted Cruz For Position On Gay Marriage

Former Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) praised Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) for his view on gay marriage on Thursday's broadcast of CNBC's Squawk Box. Cruz appeared on the show prior to Frank and said thou

Cruz: If We Nominate Another Dole, McCain or Romney "Millions Of People Will Stay Home"

SEN. TED CRUZ (R-Texas): Listen, I think the central question for 2016 is how do we win, because there is an urgency, the stakes have never been higher. And I think eight more years down this road would risk doing irreparable damage to the greatest nation in the history of the world. The only way for Republicans to win, I believe, is to run a candi

DNC Won't Denounce Racism As Campaign Tactic: "A Lot Of Different Mechanisms We're Using"

CRAIG MELVIN, MSNBC: The state [Democratic] Party in Georgia using the issue of race to drive African-American turnout there, as you know. Georgia Democratic Party has distributed some fliers warning that if folks don't vote, there will be another Ferguson. In Arkansas, voters also opening mailboxes to images of Ferguson. In North Carolina, Harry R

Hillary Clinton on Joni Ernst: "It's Not Enough Just To Be A Woman"

"I would also add, it's not enough to be a woman. You have to be committed to expand rights and opportunities for all women," Hillary Clinton said at a Wednesday campaign event for Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Bruce Braley, Joni Ernst's opponent in Iowa.

Dem Rep. Cohen Likens "Fearmongering" With Quarantined Nurse to Terri Schiavo

CAROL COSTELLO, CNN: But as far as the federal government, where is Ron Klain, this Ebola czar? Why doesn't he come out and strongly say what the federal government's policies are? And by the way, the states have the right to institute whatever policies they want above what the CDC recommends. REP. STEVE COHEN (D-TN): The states can do that. An

Hardball: What Would GOP-Controlled Senate Look Like?

Jay Newton-Small and Perry Bacon join Chris Matthews to discuss if Republicans will be “coming out for blood” if they win control of the Senate.

Michael Jordan: Obama A "Sh*tty Golfer"

"I’ve never played with Obama but I would, but no, that’s okay, I’d take him out. He’s a hack, it would be all day playing with him," Michael Jordan said in a recent interview with former football star Ahmad Rashad. "I never said he wasn’t a great politician, I’m just saying he’s a shitty golfer," Jordan says.

Joni Ernst: "I Will Be The Next United States Senator From Iowa"

STATE. SEN. JONI ERNST (R-Iowa): It is going to be a tight race but we are on a 99 county tour. I am sharing my message across all 99 counties in Iowa and that is going to make a huge difference in this race. I think we are going to finish strong and I believe I will be the next United States Senator from Iowa... President Obama has a very low

O'Reilly: Government Performance "Pitiful" On Ebola, Immigration

BILL O'REILLY: Many Americans really don't care how their government operates. It's obvious. It's quite clear the Obama administration is having a very hard time running the country right now. Yet, about 40 percent of Americans still approve of the President's job performance. That's mind boggling. Let's take a sports comparison. The New York Je

Scarborough on Obama: This Is a "Jim And Tammy Faye Bakker" Moment

JOE SCARBOROUGH, MORNING JOE: Well yeah, this is America, and we do things differently, unless it is in Barack Obama's own government and the military. So anyway, the commander-in-chief of course, I guess is he saying he's hiding under the covers? It’s the inconsistency -- constant inconsistency -- coming from this government that has fueled fear

Chris Hayes Rounds Up "Most Tightly Contested" Midterm "In Recent History"

Chris Hayes reviews the latest polls in key Gubernatorial and Senate races in Louisiana, Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, and more.

"Special Report" Online: Eric Holder Regrets Subpoena Of FNC Reporter

Steve Hayes, Juan Williams, and A.B. Stoddard discuss the James Rosen subpoena and Attorney General

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