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Tapper: Obama Admin "Chickenshit" Comment About Netanyahu Will Be Big Issue For Jewish Voters

HUGH HEWITT: I know you know Jeffrey Goldberg, or I assume you do, and he probably knows Israeli relations better than anyone else in Washington, D.C. He has this piece at The Atlantic in which he quotes an unnamed senior administration official that's calling Benjamin Netanyahu chickenshit.

Noah Pollak says he'll put a $1000 on Jeffrey Goldberg's chickenshit source being the very chickenshit Ben Rhodes. We don't know, but that makes sense. That's whole Goldberg talks to, he talks to deputy National Security Advisors and the president. This is a big deal. Even though Ebola is a big deal and ISIS is a big deal. The elections are a week away and you have the president's senior staff calling the Prime Minister of our strongest ally in the Middle East chickenshit. What is wrong with that White House?...

TAPPER: It's hard to pick a leader of this country and a leader of that country that would like each other less than those two with the possible exception of Obama and Ariel Sharon. They are diametrically opposed when it comes to Israeli policy and I think that those very substantive differences come out. I think that Netanyahu made no secret that he would have preferred Mitt Romney, who he has known for decades, to be president, that he views Romney as a stronger supporter of Israel. And I think Obama has made it very clear that he thinks Netanyahu is leading Israel down a path that is not in the best interest of Israel.

I was in Israel two months ago and Netanyahu made a comment to the American ambassador basically along the lines of don't tell me what to do when it comes to protecting my people. So, these are very serious differences and while the differences might come out in anonymous quotes like that using epithets, it's not about small potatoes, it's about big differences.


HUGH HEWITT: It's just been enigmatic to me how he has conducted the last three weeks of this campaign. Do you agree?

JAKE TAPPER: Well, I completely agree with you that Rick Scott and others in tight races where there is a significant vote of people who support Israel, not just Jews but evangelicals, will be making huge hay out of that comment, and I bet it becomes a big issue in those Israel-supporting communities.

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