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SC: Nikki Haley Ad: "Our State Is Back!"

This ad, “Stronger,” begins airing statewide in South Carolina today as part of Gov. Nikki Haley's reelection campaign. It "is backed by a significant, six figure buy," according to a campaign press release. Haley faces a challenge from Democrat Vincent Shaheen.


Governor Haley: "When I came into office our economy was weak and our
state was down. Well look at us now."

AVO: Jobs are up and taxes are down."

AVO 2: "Landmark education reforms."

AVO: "Largest investment in roads in a generation."

AVO 2: "Thousands moving from welfare to work."

AVO: "Government reforms that hold politicians accountable."

Gov. Haley: "Our state is back and we're getting stronger everyday."

AVO 2: "Nikki Haley makes a difference."

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