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Chris Matthews: "People Have To See How Government Works Before They Believe It Will Work"

[Beginning at 4:35 of this MSNBC embed]

CHRIS MATTHEWS: The Democrats are the government party. For better or worse, they believe in federal government, they're Hamiltonians, ironically given the history of this country. Going up from civil rights in the 1960s all the way up to space travel, everything we wanted to do, it is the federal government. They're got much higher stakes in this than the Republicans, and you're right.

I always wonder why the Democrats don't take government seriously. Why don't we have a structure in the White House of a chief of staff who's the top kick, who can fire people.

I remember back when Stockman ratted out Reagan about the fiscal numbers that didn't add up.

And Jim Baker called him into the wood shed, I mean it was very organized, you knew who the boss was, you knew who could fire people, and it worked that way.

People have to see how government works before they believe it will work. There's no way to see into this administration positively and see how it works. Why wasn't Ron Klain out there this weekend fighting as the Czar? If he was going to be the chief spokesman, as well as the chief executive on the fight against Ebola, why wasn't he out on point? They have to see how it works before they believe that it works.

Who's running the White House right now? Chris Christie gets a call from Valerie Jarrett, but says he hasn't heard from the White House. What's that about? It's unclear how this thing works.

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