Hardball: Tough Chris Christie vs. Logical Obama On Ebola


CHRIS MATTHEWS: Meet Chris Christie, who knows the best way to get in the press is to start a fight, whether it is telling a young woman, "none of your business!" or telling the president he doesn't know how his business.

Itching to get into the center ring, the Cone Man from Jersey has declared war on President Obama and the White House's don't panic approach to the handling the Ebola crisis. The president meanwhile is taking his uual deliberate approach of logic, listening to the experts and all the doctors at the CDC and NIH. Christie is selling something different. He wants to put up a wall around West Africa, and after two cases of Ebola transmitted in the U.S., he wants to quarantine every single health worker coming back from there. What he have here is not a failure to communicate, but a street corner brawl. So who's going to win the brawl, Gov. Christie or President Obama? Since Christie ordered the quarantine, he's ratcheted up the macho. Look how he barks at the press.

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