October 29, 2014 Archives

PBS' Ifill Calls Out Kay Hagan For Hypocrisy On Outside Money: But It's Okay When It's For You?
Steve Hayes on Israel: When Was The Last Time Obama Admin Used Same Rhetoric Against Iran?
Ed Henry to Earnest: You've Gone After Reporters For Leaks, But You Won't Try To Find "Chickenshit" Source?
Tapper: Obama Admin "Chickenshit" Comment About Netanyahu Will Be Big Issue For Jewish Voters
Psaki: We Are Not Trying To Find Out Who Made "Chickenshit" Comment About Netanyahu
Earnest on Finding & Punishing "Chickenshit" Source: "I Don't Know Of Any Effort Underway"
Christie To Hurricane Sandy Heckler: "Sit Down And Shut Up"
Netanyahu Responds To "Chickenshit" Comment: "I'm Being Attacked Because I'm Defending Israel"
Earnest on "Chickenshit" Remark: "Comments Like That Do Not Reflect The Administration's View"
Obama on Ebola: "No One Can Promise There Won't Be More Cases In America"
Nia-Malika Henderson on Ruth Marcus' Praise of Jeb Bush: "Spoken Like A True Liberal"
Chris Matthews: "People Have To See How Government Works Before They Believe It Will Work"
Steve Kornacki: If Mark Begich Holds On, "Republicans Are Stuck At 50"
Kay Hagan Won't Say If She Regrets "You Can Keep Your Healthcare"
Maddow: Colorado Polls Have A History Of Being Wrong
Bret Baier: Senate Races To Watch Next Week
Chris Matthews: Possibility Republicans May Pick Up 8-10 Seats
"Special Report" Panel: Impact Of Economy On Midterm Voters
O'Reilly: One Week From Midterms, Obama Is In Big Trouble
Hardball: Tough Chris Christie vs. Logical Obama On Ebola
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