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O'Reilly: ISIS, Ebola, And Illegals Threaten "Every American"

BILL O'REILLY: What do Ebola, ISIS, illegal alien criminals and fanatical Muslims all have in common? The answer, they all are a threat to our security. Let's take them one by one.

It's now estimated that the ISIS terror group may have now up to 50,000 members who are bent on killing both Muslims and infidels, that's us, in order to impose a fundamentalist Muslim state on the world. Currently ISIS is now holding, perhaps as many as 20 Western hostages, have already executed four, two Americans and two British subjects. There will be more ISIS terror you can count on it.

In one of the major failings of the Obama administration the ISIS group was allowed to gain power unchecked for months. U.S. intelligence knew about the ISIS threat but President Obama and his national security team refused to engage. So, no matter what party you are in, no matter what ideology you hold, that mistake is in stone. And that mistake is now a severe national security problem.

Number two, Ebola -- from the very beginning, talking points has called for common sense precaution such as restricting visas from the West African Ebola region so the American people will not be exposed to the disease. Thomas Duncan the Liberian who died in Dallas infected two American nurses before he passed. Mr. Duncan never should have been in this country.

But the Obama administration still has not restricted visas from West Africa. The administration has also refused to quarantine people coming to the U.S.A. from the Ebola region. So Governor Cuomo of New York and Governor Christie of New Jersey imposed their own quarantines. Christie directly refuting Dr. Anthony Fauci -- a federal health official.

CHRISTIE: What he's counting on is a voluntary system with folks who may or may not comply. We had this situation in New Jersey, Chris, as you know with the NBC News crew that said that they were going to self- quarantine and then two days later they were out picking up takeout food in Princeton and walking around the streets of Princeton.

I mean the fact of the matter is that we, I don't believe, when you are dealing with something as serious as this that we can count on a voluntary system.

O'REILLY: Illinois has also imposed a quarantine, all along with the state of Florida. One American nurse, who was quarantined in New Jersey has threatened to file a lawsuit. Megyn Kelly will deal with that in just a little while.

The overall federal policy on Ebola remains confused and ineffective. Right now there is a five-year-old boy in isolation at Bellevue Hospital here in New York City. He spent a month in the Ebola region of Guinea, West Africa. But he and his family were allowed to enter the U.S.A., go home to the Bronx. The boy developed a fever. But city officials say tonight they do not believe it's Ebola but he remains in isolation.

Also Dr. Craig Spencer remains in serious condition at Bellevue with Ebola; his girlfriend, two other friends being quarantined. Dr. Spencer never should have been allowed to return to his home. He should have been quarantined immediately after flying here because he was treating Ebola patients in Africa. All of this Ebola madness is a danger to the public health -- right?

Number three, the criminal illegal alien situation -- boy, is that ever out of control. On Friday, Sacramento County Deputy Sheriff Danny Oliver 47 and Placid County Detective Michael Davis 42 shot dead by a Mexican illegal alien who had been deported twice before. 34-year-old Luis Monroy-Bracamonte currently being held without bail in Sacramento can be likely charged with two counts of murder; his wife Janel also being held. Apparently the two tried to carjack a Ford pickup and led police on a 30- mile dragnet.

Detective Davis died 26 years to the day after his father, a Riverside, California deputy was shot to death himself in the line of duty. Detective Davis leaves behind four children.

Now, the federal government is not enforcing immigration law, we all know it. It's a felony to return to the U.S.A. after being deported but Brocamonte served no prison time for that. Instead he was able to amass a number of traffic violations after being deported twice and nobody bothered him. I guess he had a phony license. He was using an alias. Nobody bothered him.

Please explain to me, members of Congress, why you, each and every one of you have not joined together and demanded the President enforce immigration law. You guys are the lawmakers and you are being insulted. Now we have two more dead police officers along with thousands of other Americans who have been harmed by criminal aliens, mostly men who are deported and came back because they knew they could. This is a national disgrace.

The security of every single American citizen is compromised because the federal government will not enforce immigration law, secure the borders, and make sure Americans have as much protection as they can have. There is no longer any excuse for this.

And I'm speaking to you, President Obama. You are the leader of the country. You must start telling federal agencies to enforce the law. You must.

And finally, the hatchet Muslim guy in New York City. 32-year-old Zale Thompson attacked four police officers on Thursday. We now know he was a quote "self-radicalized Muslim convert" -- isn't that a nice title -- who had a beef against the cops. Zale joins Alton Nolan in Oklahoma City, a Muslim who beheaded a coworker, and Nidal Hasan of Fort Hood, Texas, who murdered 13 Americans working on that army base. All three men -- Muslim extremists.

CANDY CROWLEY, CNN CHIEF POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT: We see a hatchet attack of all things on police officers in Queens, both men seemed to have some affinity for, inspired by somehow violent jihad. You add in a woman in Moore, Oklahoma who was beheaded by disgruntled worker who had recently, quote, "converted to Islam." You have the attacks in Fort Hood. Is this one big problem or is it separate problems?

SEN. DIANNE FEINSTEIN (D), CALIFORNIA: Oh I think it's one big problem. I think one of the problems is that the Internet as well as certain specific Muslim extremists are really firing up this lone wolf phenomenon.

O'REILLY: Now, that was not in President Obama's court. No leader can stop crazy people from killing innocent people. However, the New York City Police Department used to investigate radical Muslim mosques trying to find out who the crazy people are. But under uber-liberal Mayor Bill de Blasio that surveillance has been curtailed.

Again, that puts us all in danger. Every American police department should be surveiling radical mosques. That's not a violation of the Constitution that's upholding it. The American people need protection. So you can see that ISIS, Ebola, criminal illegal aliens and crazy Muslim fanatics are all -- all a danger to our security. And those we elect to protect us from danger are simply not doing the job.

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