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CO: Mark Udall Ad: Don't Forget Cory Gardner's Personhood Bill

Sen. Mark Udall (D-Colorado) reminds voters about his Republican rival Cory Gardner's pro-life record.

“Decision” Script:

MARK UDALL: I’m Mark Udall, and I approve this message.

VOICEOVER: As you’re making your decision, remember…

ELI STOKOLS: …a bill that everybody says is basically a Personhood bill at the federal level, you’re telling me it’s not…

VOICEOVER: Cory Gardner is still sponsoring the Personhood Bill in Congress. His name is right there. But Gardner just keeps denying it. Gardner’s denials even failed the independent fact check.

KYLE CLARK: …and a less-charitable interpretation is that you’re not telling us the truth…”

VOICEOVER: Whether it’s with our rights and freedoms, or his own word...Colorado just can’t trust the real Cory Gardner.

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