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Doctor on Morning Joe: NY Doc Should Have Had Isolation Time

BRAVERMAN: The United States has to remain the last great hope of mankind, and it has to be a leader around the world. The world may not have borders, but we as physicians have to protect the public. And we know that the way epidemics move is they have a few case, then more cases, and then you get a significant spread as the virus changes.

And the reality is that now one knows when they're going to get ebola. None of us know when we get the flu what was the contact in the office that got us the flu. Epidemics have to be stopped by the basic rules of quarantine. This doctor had a lot of compassion but in reality he needed to be quarantined for 42 days or more, and he needed to not have all those risk of contacts. If he had sexual contacts it maybe should have been 80 days that he should have been quarantined from sexual contact...

Anyone travelling from there has to go to an Ellis Island weigh station temporarily around epidemics. You have to protect the public. Compassion to others with illnesses is always a doctor's core message, but it's also do no harm. In reality you end up doing harm if you end up spreading this disease to one or two or three other people.

And if it doesn't spread on this particular event, it's likely to spread at another occasion. The basic rule of hygiene is not being volunteer with the quarantine, and we know that in the end the United States is not prepared for an infectious disease spread, and we have to get ready like we did with terrorism, which is a whole message of hand-washing and prepartion.

DEUTSCH: I have a medical question, because obviously we're not able to trace 80 or 90 people who are packed into that subway car, so when we say transferred by bodily fluids, we know we can't just breathe it through the air, but now he is in a packed environment, how do we know?

BRAVERMAN: It may already have some aspect of being what we call aerosolized, where it's breathed into the air. You really can't predict viruses, they're so small. Flu viruses killed as many as war in World War I, almost as many. You're talking about pestilence and disease that needs to be first quarantined then a national plan of hygiene then a study of how you build up infection, but there is no plan in place.

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