Karl to Earnest: Why Ban Reporters From Covering Obama Meeting With Ebola Victim?


JON KARL, ABC NEWS: Just to follow on what was asked about. This is an important meeting, so why ban reporters from this meeting? Why ban video cameras? Countless other events in the Oval office, this president, other presidents, there are reporters present there are TV cameras present. Why does this White House decide on a meeting this important to say at this important event to say reporters are not allowed?

EARNEST: The good news is reporters will be allowed at this event. The photo - your colleagues the photojournalists will be in there to take a photograph of the president greeting her.

KARL: There are no print reporters allowed at the event. No television reporters allowed. No editorial presence. You're only allowing still photographers.

EARNEST: Many of you did have the opportunity to see her deliver remarks at the NIH upon her departure from the hospital.

KARL: That's not answering my question. Why was this decision made?

EARNEST: Because. Because reporters did have the opportunity to see her speak already. This is an opportunity for the president to greet her at the White House. We did want to make sure photographers could see her do so, but you know, the president nor Miss Phan plans to make any comments today.

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