Howard Dean: Republicans Have Done A "Terrific Job" Making Election About Obama


JOE SCARBOROUGH, MSNBC: Why is this race so close against an established figure like Jeanne Shaheen?

HOWARD DEAN: Because of President Obama's approval rating. The Republicans have done a terrific job in this way. They've nationalized the election, first of all, which is a good thing in the sixth year of a president. More importantly, they've made the issue the president. If not, they could avoid all this controversial stuff they've got be in trouble with in the past, you know, too much -- banning abortion entirely, being anti-gay, anti-immigrant, this crazy stuff about Ebola coming across the border from Mexico, most of that stuff has been drowned out in the voters ears. A lot of other races are really close: the reason I think this one isn't is when you go into the booth, there's, as you know well, there's a sort of a little switch that goes on, and those who really are undecided, something flips them over. And I think the something is going to be that Scott Brown chose to run here after he looked at other races and decided not to.

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