CNN Anchor Laughs At Bristol Palin Describing Assault: "The Best Audio We've Ever Come Across"


CAROL COSTELLO, CNN: OK, I'm just going to come right out and say it. This is quite possibly the best minute and a half of audio we've ever come across. Well, come across in a long time anyway. A massive brawl in Anchorage, Alaska, reportedly involving Sarah Palin's kids and her husband. It was sparked after someone pushed one of her daughters at a party. That's what Bristol Palin told police in an interview after the incident. And now police have released audio of that interview. It does include some rather colorful language from Bristol. Here now is Bristol's recollection of how that night unfolded. So sit back and enjoy.


COP: Tell me what happened.

BRISTOL PALIN: My little sister comes over to me and says some old lady just (EXPLETIVE DELETED) pushed me. She just hit me.


PALIN: (EXPLETIVE DELETED) no one's going to touch my sister.

COP: Where was this at?

PALIN: So we were in a limo. I walked back up, did you push my sister, and some guy gets in my face, pushes me down on the grass, drags me across the grass. I'm like you (EXPLETIVE DELETED), you (EXPLETIVE DELETED), you (EXPLETIVE DELETED), you (EXPLETIVE DELETED). I get back up and he pushes me down on the grass again and pulls me by the (EXPLETIVE DELETED) feet. And he's the one that's leaving (ph). And I have my five-year-old. They took my $300 sunglasses. They took my (EXPLETIVE DELETED) shoes. And I'm (EXPLETIVE DELETED) just left here? COP: OK. Where are you injured at?

PALIN: My (EXPLETIVE DELETED) knees, my face, where is my (EXPLETIVE DELETED). I have a five-year-old in the car.

COP: Where was the limo at when your sister came and got you?

PALIN: It was here.

COP: So your sister came down and got you from the limo that was parked right here?


COP: You went back up to the house.

PALIN: I was closer to the house. Yes.

COP: OK. And when you got up there, you approached the 60-year-old --

PALIN: I don't know how old she was.

COP: OK. An older lady.

PALIN: Some lady we gray hair --


PALIN: Who wants to push my little -- my 20-year-old sister.


PALIN: I'm going to defend my sister. She's 20-years-old.

COP: And then a guy came out of nowhere and pushed you to the ground?

PALIN: A guy comes out of nowhere and pushes me on the ground, takes me by my feet and my dress, in my thong dress in front of everybody, come on you (EXPLETIVE DELETED). Come on you (EXPLETIVE DELETED) here. I don't know this guy. I've never seen this guy in my life. (EXPLETIVE DELETED).

SARAH PALIN: That's what I don't get. Why do these bad guys get to drive right on by (INAUDIBLE).


COSTELLO: I think that long bleep was my favorite part. We should point out that no charges were filed in this incident and in a September 19th Facebook post, Sarah Palin defended her daughter, writing part -- writing in part, quote, "I love my Bristol. I have to say, this is a proud mama. My kids' defense of my family makes my heart soar." You can thank me later.

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