Josh Earnest: There Were "Shortcomings" In Federal Ebola Response


JOE SCARBOROUGH, MSNBC: We read the New York Times article that the president was angry with the response and angry with the CDC, what happened? How did the WHO, how did the CDC, how did the Texas hospital, how did everybody get this so wrong?

JOSH EARNEST, WH: Well, there were some shortcomings in the response, and it is clear there was not enough instruction clearly communicated to the healthcare workers, that were treating this first Ebola patient on American soil. What the president has made clear is he is going to hold them to a very high standard for a response. The president, in some of those meetings, was asking very direct, pointed questions to the members of his team to make sure--

SCARBOROUGH: And he still has confidence in the head of the CDC?

EARNEST: He does. Just last night you saw the CDC issue some guidance that they could share with healthcare workers around the country that they can share with hospitals and medical facilities to make sure that they are ready to treat an Ebola patient, or at least to detect and isolate them.

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