Howard Fineman: Can't Deny A Racial Subtext With Conservative Concern Of Immigrants, Arabs And Ebola


HOWARD FINEMAN: Can I mention race here?


FINEMAN: Let's put the cards on the table here.

MATTHEWS: You mean the word Africa?

FINEMAN: No. The brown people coming from the South, the Arab people coming from the East, the black people coming from Africa, nobody's saying that in so many words. Nobody's saying it at all, but it's in the background of this whole discussion, and anybody who would deny that doesn't know how this country operates. It's not the only way this country operates. We're bigger than that in the end, but that's definitely a subtext of a lot of what's going on here. There's just no question about it. And I'll say it if other people won't.

MATTHEWS: It is the arrival of them, even though African-Americans, hint hint, have been here before we got here.

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