Brit Hume: Appointment of Ron Klain Shows Obama Admin Thinks This Is A Political Problem


CHRIS WALLACE: I want to start with the lead story in "The New York Times" on Saturday. Put this headline up, if you will. The headline, "Amid assurances on Ebola, Obama is said to seethe." I haven't seen the word "seethe" in a headline a long time.

The story goes on to report that the president is just as upset with the administration's response as all the rest of us.

Brit, do you buy it?

BRIT HUME, FOX NEWS SENIOR POLITICAL ANALYST: No. The story -- I felt bad for the administration and felt worse for "The New York Times" when I read the story. I didn't -- I didn't buy it at all. This was the president's aides, most of them anonymous, portraying him as having all this empathy with the public about all this.

WALLACE: Seething.

HUME: Seething. Absolutely. No, I didn't -- I didn't believe it.

I would say that I think the appointment of Ron Klain shows you the administration thinks this is more of a political and public relations problem than it is a public health problem. It is clearly both.

And the key to the whole thing, Chris, in my view is, that Klain was not given the kind of authority, in other words reporting directly to the president, and taking overall charge of this effort that someone who was a true czar would, in fact, he's still reporting to people who have been managing this problem already.

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