Wendy Davis Defends Wheelchair Ad: "Voters Now See Greg Abbott For Who He Is"


ANDREA MITCHELL: Well, let me share with our viewers an excerpt from today's Houston Chronicle. The editorial board reaction to this -- wrote, "With Wendy Davis trailing so close to election day, it should be no surprise that her campaign tried for a low blow. The now infamous 30-second spot, titled 'Justice,' was supposed to point out the hypocrisy of Attorney General Greg Abbott fighting against victims in courts after he himself collected a multimillion dollar tort settlement. The ad missing the mark, coming off more like a glib attack on Abbott for using a wheelchair."

The point being, Senator, could you have gone after what you say is his hypocrisy by pointing out what he did in that rape case, what he did in these other cases without this stark image of the empty wheelchair which seemed to be trying to point people towards own supposed disability?

STATE SEN. WENDY DAVIS: What I'm hearing is the most important part of this race and that's the response of voters across this state. Voters who believe that it's outrageous that he has engaged in this hypocrisy and who are now informed about who he is, asking to be their governor, who it is that he's been fighting for and will continue to fight for, and the fact he will be fighting against them. And the important thing about this ad is that voters now see Greg Abbott for who he is and of course in an election that's entirely the point.

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