Chris Matthews On Federal Response To Ebola: Reminds Me Of Rollout For Obamacare


CHRIS MATTHEWS: I think it's a problem with the American government. I'm in a different field. Politically, we can't even do the basics, like approve a Surgeon General.

DR. ANTHONY FAUSI: That's a different story. I think there's a bit of a non-sequitur. We're not in the situation we are now because we don't have a surgeon general. That would be making some majestic leaps.

MATTHEWS: But we need somebody to talk to the American people.

FAUSI: Sure. Health officials and I have been on the air almost continuously, as has Tom Frieden and secretary Burwell. There's a lot to be done. We're in an epidemic of fear, and we need to break that --

MATTHEWS: So we don't need a tsar?

FAUSI: I don't think so. We have good coordination from the White House, from the National Security Council.


MATTHEWS: My concern is that this reminds me of the rollout for healthcare. The lack of a clear-cut personage, that the president could say, this person is in charge. When he was asked who was in charge of the rollout for health care, he said well it's the person who is COO of the CAA of the HHS -- someone he apparently never even met, that's a problem. But he knows you.

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