Krauthammer's Advice For Susan Rice: "She Shouldn't Go On Television"


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Look, I have a little advice for Ambassador Rice. She could be the best advisor Obama's ever had. She could be an international strategist of Kissingerian proportions. But she shouldn't go on television. It just doesn't work. It is totally inexplicable that the National Security Advisor, whose job it is to be the conduit of all information coming various foreign policy agencies, the one to coordinate and consolidate all of that should go out on television and announce to the world this very crucial agreement and then within hours have the Turks say it's not true.

It's not just that it's not true, it's also that now we have a dispute with the Turks over what she said rather than negotiating details of some cooperation between us. That it should have happened at this level is truly inexplicable. I think you are right, it couldn't be a deliberate lie because there's no advantage here. It's not going to help negotiations, it's not going to bully the Turks into saying yes. It obviously is a mistake, but it is a monumental one and that it should happen in the middle of a war at this high of level is truly remarkable.

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