Hillary Clinton: Ebola "Is Not Going To Stay Confined"


Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton claimed Ebola is "not going to stay confined" in a speech she gave to the UNLV Foundation held at the Bellagio hotel and resort in Las Vegas. Clinton spoke at a fundraiser for the foundation on Monday where she received a $225,000 speaking fee from the group.

"Ebola, as we're seeing very painfully, is not going to stay confined unless we put in a lot more resources to try to begin to tailor down the epidemic and contain it and end it the way we have previously by putting in a lot of resources. So, it's not either or. We can't say we're not going to be involved because these things are somebody else's problems because in the world of inter-dependence that we currently live in, a lot of those problems end up eventually on our doorstep," Clinton said.

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