Krauthammer: "We Are Going to Have to Have a Travel Ban"


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I think we are going to rethink it. It will be done quickly. Number 1, the idea, we will have to start evacuating patients. The idea that we treat a patient at a local hospital whenever the disease pops up is insane. You can't train that many people across the country and 99% of that training would be wasted because it is only going to happen in rare places.

You want to evacuate the patients to the regional centers in Emory University, the NIH, and a couple of others, where they are trained and can handle this. Yes, it means you take the patient away from the family but this is a public health emergency.

Second, we are going to have to have a travel ban. This patient who arrived off Liberia or off the West coast is indeed ebola or if and when the next patient happens no reason why we should be flying. Air France and British Air have cancelled. The reason given is it would stop aid going in to West Africa, that is nonsense. You allow anyone who is a real aid worker to apply, State Department will look at your credentials and send you over and track you on your way back until you arrive here, plus three weeks. That's not a hard problem to get around. These things are going to have to get done and need to be done soon.

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