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Abbott on Wendy Davis: "If She Wants To Attack A Guy In A Wheelchair, That's Her Prerogative"

SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS HOST: Joining me now with reaction, a HANNITY exclusive interview, is the Texas attorney general, Republican gubernatorial candidate, Greg Abbott, is with us.

Probably one of the more shocking ads. What is your reaction to this, sir?

GREG ABBOTT, TEXAS GOP GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATE: Well, Sean, glad to be with you. Listen, my reaction is if she wants to attack a guy in a wheelchair, that's her prerogative.

As for me, I’m running a different type of campaign. I’m running a campaign that's focused on solving the problems of Texans -- like securing the border, keeping Texas number one for jobs, continue fighting against Barack Obama's EPA that's crushing jobs in Texas.

So, I will focus on the future of Texas while my opponent continues to attack me.

HANNITY: It seems to be a common theme though. If you look every election cycle, there's usually some type of ad that portrays conservatives or Republicans as racist. You saw it in the last segment that Republicans are now being blamed for Ebola, that Republican Paul Ryan wants to throw granny over the cliff, this sexist war on women, et cetera, that is brought up now every election cycle.

Is it desperation? Does it need to be answered? I mean, do you want to address any of the issues brought up in that ad about the woman with the artificial limb or the rape victim or any of the other -- the doctor that’s paralyzing people?

ABBOTT: Well, Sean, the irony of it is that all of those things are equally false because there's no one who has a stronger track record for protecting victims of rape as I do. I created an entire new unit at the office of attorney general where I have arrested more than 4,500 sex offenders and put them behind bars.

And so, I had been fighting for Texans. And I have focused my campaign on ensuring that the future of Texas will be even better while my opponent does nothing more than lodge attacks at me.

HANNITY: And you -- for those that don't know, you are in a wheelchair.

ABBOTT: I’m in a wheelchair, Sean --

HANNITY: Go ahead.

ABBOTT: Yes. What happened is I was out jogging and a big tree crashed down on me, fractured my vertebrae leaving me paralyzed. But it was after that that I went onto become a Supreme Court justice and Texas attorney general.

And I got to tell you, Sean, this is a source of great inspiration for so many people across Texas because they see a person like myself can face challenges and rise above those challenges. That is what I stand for and fight for, for our fellow Texans.

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