Pentagon Press Sec: We Need To Prepare For Reality That ISIL Will Take More Land


REAR ADM. JOHN KIRBY, PENTAGON PRESS SECRETARY: They try to grab ground and territory where they can, where they believe it's important. Now, I don't know what importance they attach to Kobani. What I'm telling you is, rather than say what we're not going to do, let me tell you what we are going to do, and that's to take a regional approach here.

So it's easy to get fixated on one town, but I think it's really important for you and for the American people to take a couple of steps back here and look at the larger regional context within -- within which this fight is being made. And the longer-term strategic objectives that we and our coalition members are trying to apply here.

We are not going to be able -- you know, it's interesting. I mean, we're being asked about why we're not or why we won't or why we can't save Kobani. And we're not being asked those same questions about towns inside Iraq. And I don't know why that is, other than maybe there's real-time footage coming out of Kobani or what the difference is.

But we're not -- we know that this is going to be a long struggle. We know that ISIL is going to continue to grab ground. And there are going to continue to be villages and towns and cities that they take. We all have to recognize that reality.

So when we get up here and we say it's going to be a long struggle and it's going to be difficult, and when we get up here and say airpower -- military power alone -- let's take airpower off the table for a minute -- isn't going to be enough to fix it, we really mean it.

And so we all need to prepare ourselves for the reality that other towns and villages -- and perhaps Kobani -- will be taken by ISIL. They have made no bones about the fact that that -- to my answer to the gentleman's last question, that this is their goal, to govern, to have space and territory that belongs to them. So we just have to recognize that.

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