Obama: "The Chances Of An Ebola Outbreak In The United States Is Extremely Low"


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: ...on the agressive steps that we are taking to fight Ebola epidemic. To stop the epidemic at its source in West Africa. Also make sure that we do what we need to do to stop an outbreak here in the United States. As I said from the start of this outbreak, I consider a top national security priority. This is not just a matter of charity although obviously, in the countries of West Africa it is significant. This is issue about our safety. It is also an issue with respect to the political stability and economic stability of this region. So it is very important for to us make sure that we are treating this the same way that we would treat any other significant national security threat. And that is why we've got all hands on deck approach from DoD to public health to our development assistance, our science teams. Everybody is putting in time and effort to make sure we are addressing this as aggressively as possible.

I know that the American people are concerned about the possibility much an Ebola outbreak and Ebola is a very serious disease and, the ability of people who are infected to carry that across borders is something that we have to take extremely seriously. At the same time it is important for Americans to know the facts and that is that because of the measures that we put in place as well as our world-class health system and nature of the Ebola virus itself which is difficult to transmit, the chances of an ebola outbreak in the United States is extremely low.

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