Chuck Todd: Obama Wanted to Get Rid of "Frat Boy Culture" at Secret Service


CHUCK TODD: That's what's missing here, leadership. Then let's talk about technology. Look, she was picked because of the frat boy image of the Secret Service after Colombia. That's why she was put into place. That's why the president sought her. Hey, let's get rid of this sort of flat boy culture, wheels down, rings off, that sort of BS taking place with some of these agents, particularly the advance agents.

Let's not -- let's try to -- let's not throw the baby out here with the bath water. These guys have been unbelievable. They have to be correct 100% of the time. And when you think about our polarizing climate. More idiots make threats every day, think about the number of investigations they open on a daily basis because of threats to the president, threats to former presidents, so there are an incredible amount of capable people. I think what we're getting at here is let's look at some brass tacks here. They do some things at the White House that technology should be doing rather than the human, rather than some human being.

Some of that stuff seems to be behind the times. You know why, is it that local law enforcement has better equipment in some cases for security issues than the Secret Service or it looks like they're even using it in a way the Secret Service doesn't. And then, I think Michael Steele is right. I think you need a Bob Mueller, sort of an outsider the way the FBI brings in outsiders every once in a while, the CIA brings in an outsider, just for new thinking. Sometimes that's all you need, to get out of that a little bit.

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