Andrea Mitchell: Obama From Mars, Netanyahu From Venus; "Relationship Is So Fraught"


ANDREA MITCHELL: The relationship is just so fraught. During the whole Gaza War the president was getting angrier and angrier. We overheard John Kerry say that's some hell of a pinpoint operation after the U.N. shelter was bombed. So they are coming -- it's Mars and Venus. And there's just no coming together. And Netanyahu is trying to cover it up and say, well, we didn't discuss it but clearly it's out there, and on Iran they have completely different views about Iran. He says Iran is ISIS, ISIS is Iran, and he dismisses Rouhani as having no power, the Ayatollah has the only power. I asked him what will they do if there is a bad deal? He said, "we reserve our options." Well, you mean the military option, you'll take them out. He said, "well I don't deal with that." And I said, "you're the one that does deal with that." And he just says, "we'll reserve our options."

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