Krauthammer "A Sense In The Country That We Have A Presidency That Is Falling Apart"


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I don't think it's a malaise sense in the country at all, I think it is a sense in the country that we have a presidency that is falling apart, and it isn't as if it all happened at once. The president comes in with a great vision expanding government, the government's going to solve a lot of problems and withdrawal at home, if you say nice things in Cairo, you say we want an outstretched hand, we're going to eliminate all the blunders that the previous administration had made, things will get better abroad.

Now, it takes years until the consequences of that are seen abroad in the vacuum that we created by Obama's retreat, more aggressive, more wicked, in fact some of the worst people on earth have filled in in Libya, in Syria, in Iraq, Putin's on the march in eastern Europe. Everybody senses America is not there, our allies are very worried about the kind of support they're going to get. So that's the consequence of the policy, and domestically the great idea of expansion of government and new entitlements and all this -- this is a crisis of competence. The IRS, the VA, the Secret Service, all the institutions that in the past you would make a movie about, the Secret Service agent is the hero, thee epidemiologist is the hero. All of these agencies that we have trust in, under this administration, are showing how badly government is run. You combine them and you get a sense that things are out of control.

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