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Kaine: "We Are Not Supposed To Start A War Without Congress"

SEN. TIM KAINE (D-VA): I think the president's definition of the mission has been careful. And that's why I have introduced an authorization to essentially authorize the mission as he described it with some key limitations. And I also think the administration has done a great job of bringing together the multinational coalition.

But we are not supposed to start a war without Congress. I'm sitting in the capitol that Thomas Jefferson designed here in Virginia. He, James Madison, George Mason and others who participated in the drafting of the Constitution made a critical break from previous history where war was a matter for the monarch or the executive, and said that wars shouldn't be started without Congress.

The reason they did it, we shouldn't be putting our service men and women in harm's way if there is not a political consensus that the mission is worth it. So, I think the president's assertion that he can do this, I think he doesn't have the Article 2 constitutional authority to do this entire mission without Congress, and neither of the authorizations passed by Congress in 2001 or 2002 cover it.

We should be debating and voting on this entire mission.

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