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NC's Tillis Gives GOP Weekly Address: "We Have An Opportunity To Spark Economic Growth"

THOM TILLIS (R-NC), U.S. SENATE CANDIDATE: “Hi. I’m Thom Tillis, the Republican nominee for the United State Senate in the great state of North Carolina.

“Over the last four years, I’ve had the honor of serving as the Speaker of the House in the State Assembly, but my journey to get there is what defines the American dream.

“I was brought-up in a working-class family with my mother and father and five siblings. My parents often had to work two jobs to make ends meet.

“We lived on the economic bubble and were constantly forced to pack up our belongings and move from state to state, wherever my father could find work. When times got really tough, we lived in a trailer park and my parents took extra jobs in order to save enough money to buy us clothes for school.

“But the reality was, that what my parents couldn’t provide with material goods or a nice house, they more than made up for with unconditional love and instilling an invaluable work ethic in me.

“I got my first job as a paperboy when I was 9. I started recording earnings with the Social Security system when I was 12. I took a job as a short-order cook when I was 15 and I worked for minimum wage for many years.

“When I graduated from high school, I couldn’t afford college so I entered the workforce. My first full-time job was a warehouse records clerk.

“I know firsthand what it’s like to raise a family attending school at night and struggling to make ends meet.

“Over the years, I worked my up in the business world to become a partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers and an executive at IBM. And I finally got my college degree when I was 36 years old.

“I consider myself to be incredibly blessed and fortunate to have a shot at the American dream, the promise of opportunity that is the reward of hard work.

“My family’s story isn’t unique. It’s the story of many Americans in my generation. That if you worked hard, played by the rules and persevered through good times and bad, you’d realize your American Dream and pass on something even greater to your children.

“But unfortunately, that dream is becoming harder and harder to realize today because this President and his fellow Democrats are crushing our nation under a broken economy that continues to underperform and fails to create the opportunities needed for working-class Americans.

“Unfortunately, we have an administration that has lost sight over what makes our country the most exceptional on this planet.

“And today, Washington doesn’t play by the same rules that American families have to play by every single day.

“Instead of living within its means, Washington has punted on making the tough decisions, spending our nation to the brink and adding $7 trillion to our national debt.

“In midst of an economic collapse, while hardworking Americans are losing jobs and their livelihoods, Washington is using our hard-earned dollars to bailout big Wall St. banks and billion-dollar corporations.

“With Americans struggling to afford rising health-care costs, President Obama and the Senate Democrats rammed through Obamacare, which subsequently caused millions of people to lose their healthcare plans and caused premiums to skyrocket. And the only dream realized in Obamacare was a nightmare of broken promises that we could keep our doctor and our health insurance if we wanted to.

“As we look at the crises boiling over across the globe, we see a President who has been leading from behind with a failed foreign policy that has weakened America.

“Iran is getting closer and closer to developing a nuclear weapon. Russia continues to infringe upon the sovereignty of Ukraine. Our ally Israel is being attacked by terrorist groups.

“And the President still doesn’t have a strategy to destroy the terrorist group known as the Islamic State.

“Simply put, America lacks leadership and is no longer considered to be an exceptional nation by our allies and our adversaries alike.

“But this November, we can change that.

“The American people have a chance to send a message to Washington by electing a new Senate majority that will move our country in a new direction and restore the American Dream.

“A new majority that empowers the people of this great nation to live out their aspirations. That rebuilds our working-class workforce and restores America as the strong leader in the world that is desperate for our leadership.

“We have an opportunity to get our debt crisis under control once and for all by spending taxpayer dollars more responsibly and by passing a balanced budget amendment.

“We have an opportunity to repeal Obamacare and replace it with reforms that empower patients and doctors, while making healthcare more affordable and accessible.

“And most importantly, we have an opportunity to spark economic growth and create millions of jobs and higher wages for middle-class families by overhauling our broken tax code and cutting burdensome government red tape for our small businesses on Main Street.

“A new Senate majority will give our nation those opportunities and many more. We owe it to our children to offer the same shot at the American Dream that we inherited from our parents.

“Thank you so much, and may God bless America.”

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