Chris Matthews: "Why Do They Want To Be Suicide Bombers? What A Hopeless Career Move!"


CHRIS MATTHEWS: It was a great speech. I thought it was a case in which the president of the United States didn't just speak at the U.N. but to the U.N. He was talking to the members of the U.N. Some was good politics making the connection with his grandmother coming from 100 miles away from Nairobi. Talking about the mea culpa of America not being a perfect country. We should have been better on public health in the third world, especially a reference implicitly to Ebola. Making a clear point that he's not against Islam.

Some of the right, even Scott Brown up in N.H. is talking about Islamic terrorism. They always throw in the world Islamic making an ethnic thing. He said I’m not going to let it become an ethnic thing. It’s the terrorism I’m against not Islam. Made that point strong.

Two hardball points. One was against Saudi Arabia. Those potentates over there in Saudi Arabia who talk violence, talk basically wahabism, fundamentalism, Islamism, they send their young people into the world with the attitude. Which is so consistent with the terrorists, which is our way or the highway basically to put it lightly.

He went after Israel, too. There was a little punch in the nose of Netanyahu saying the status quo is not sustainable. Everybody knows Netanyahu’s game is to play for tie. Pushing off, coming up with excuses, demanding the Arabs declare Israel the Jewish state. Every technique to avoid a two-state solution. And he said there has to be a two-state solution. There was some hardball against our allies, Saudi Arabia, and Israel.

But also I thought commanding call, again, to American exceptionalism saying America has dealt with the problems. We’re a better country than we were ten years ago. I wish more people would think about that. Our dynamism in this country. We’re not the same country historically. And, Chris, I also was struck by

JOSE DIAZ BALART: Yeah. I was also struck by how he spoke directly to people. You talked about that. He spoke directly to the youth and I love he said, for example, if young people live in places where the only option is between the dictates of the state or the lure of an extremism underground, no counter terrorism strategy can succeed. It’s a powerful statement.

MATTHEWS: Yeah. I thought it was tough, the line about the people that can't build anything so they go to religious extremism. I thought it was pretty tough. You think about these guys sitting around all day planning revolution and killing people and cutting their heads off.
What are they doing for the world? I thought it was a pretty strong statement. I think most people in the world today really want to be educated. They want to get on their cell phones and connect with the world. They want to be part of the world to become part of the globe and the future. That’s the optimistic view of everybody in the world to become part of the globe and the future. Kids know that. Young people in their teens know that. Why do they want to be suicide bombers? What a hopeless career move. To be blunt about it. I’m going to kill myself.

BALART: Yeah. On the other hand some simply and the president talked about this. Simply seeing no other future. It either kills myself or rot.

MATTHEWS: Unfortunately, there's a parallel with the african-american kid in north Philly situation. You grow up in a situation where there no more blue collar the only deal being offered to you is the drug dealer. We have our problems. I think he was good to do that. The third world countries don't want to be talked down to morally. They’re used to being talked down to economically, but not morally. I thought he was humble, and humility in foreign policy is something George W. Bush promised and never delivered. And he has. Humility.

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