Will On NFL: We're In A "Highly Stylized Indignation Sweepstakes"


CHRIS WALLACE: George, you're close to the baseball commissioner, to MLB. How do you think [Roger] Goodell has handled this? And your sense of this, does he survive?

GEORGE WILL: He will survive. He's handled it terribly, and it doesn't matter because we're in a kind of highly stylized indignation sweepstakes at this point where everyone commits sociology in all directions, saying the players are made violent by this and college experience and all of this stuff goes on and on. The fact is, Anheuser-Busch tells us it's disappointed. Anheuser-Busch spends $200 million a year on the NFL. Last week's three most viewed television programs were Sunday Night Football, Thursday Night Football and Monday Night Football, and money talks and it will continue to talk, and this will pass over and football will go on its merry way. I happen to believe the problem with football is football. Which is to say it is merchandising consciously violence. And some of it spills over.

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