David Corn: A Difference Between Opposing Iraq War and Being In Favor Of Stopping ISIS


DAVID CORN: We'll have to revisit the Syrian authorization but they can slip that into another bill. The leading members of Congress don't want a debate. In fact, it was one of the House Republicans that said I'll explain it to you very clearly: we would rather step back and if something goes good we can say great and if it goes back we can criticize and we have no responsibility. That's why most of these people want to approach the vote. But the thing is there's a very big difference here too between protesting the invasion of Iraq, which is on false pretenses with no plan but what to do afterwards gave us the situation now, with trying to figure out how to deal with actually a real problem which is ISIS, not necessarily an existential threat.

AMY HOLMES: But, David, ISIS is embedded in towns and villages in Syria and Iraq. If you think air bombs are --

CORN: I'm not defending this but trying to come --

HOLMES: We have no plan.

CORN: No, there is a plan, you may not like it and it may not work but to say there is no plan is wrong.

HOLMES: We have a president of the United States saying that our --

CORN: We have a president trying to do something and not lying to the public about it and not blunderbusting us by sending in hundreds and thousands of Americans into a situation with no plan what to do.

HOLMES: This White House is not telling us the truth.

CORN: About what?

HOLMES: General Dempsey this week testified that Obama told him to come to him about combat troops on a case by case basis. The White House then comes out and says, 'no Dempsey was mistaken, the president said no such thing.' The president then comes out and gives a speech saying, 'I have never suggested combat troops.' This White House --

CORN: He hasn't.

HOLMES: They cannot get their story straight.

CORN: This is nothing compared to saying we're going to war in Iraq over WMDs. Come on.

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