Carolla: "Condescending And Offensive" To Say We Need to Teach Our Boys Not To Hit Girls


ADAM CAROLLA: I just realized, you know, we talk about all these things that kids pick up or don't pick up and all these stories about the NFL, a smacking his kids around, guys smacking their wives around. I don't think -- and there's a lot of "we need to educate our boys." It's like, no, not Sonny. He's not going to need to be educated on you don't punch a woman. And he's not going to be educated on you don't physically assault your four-year-old. He's not going to need that kind of education.

As we spoke about before, it's pretty condescending and offensive to those of us who are on the straight and narrow when it comes to that that we need to educate everybody on things they don't need a fucking education about.

I was never struck as a child. I would never strike my children. It doesn't make sense to me. Sonny will give you no reason; Natalia might sit on my hands a little bit. But it doesn't make sense for me to hit Sonny. Even if I am upset at him or Natalia. It doesn't compute. It doesn't compute for me to punch [my wife] Lynette either. I may get frustrated and upset, but there's correlation between what I want to get resolved or what I need to do. Hopefully I can get my words to get her to kill herself. But I'm not going to punch her.

"BALD BRYAN" BISHOP: You can bludgeon her with your words.

CAROLLA: I can beat her up verbally and erode her self-esteem and get to the point where it's much worse than a beating would be. No. What I'm saying is i don't draw any straight line between me punching somebody and me winning an argument or getting my way or getting satisfaction. And the same with hitting my kids with getting them to respect me or toughing up or getting them to listen to me or sending a message. I think it's quite the opposite.

I just think they get used to it. I think they get a little bit numb to it and unfortunately as something in their tool belt and the tool belt says "problem solving tools" and they go well, I was smacked and I will now use this as a way to resolve issues either on a school bus or in an elevator or some point later on in life. It's a horrible message to send. (Adam Carolla Show, September 16, 2014)

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