Carney: "We Are Here Today Because Of Decisions Made To Invade Iraq More Than A Decade Ago"


S.E. CUPP, CO-HOST, "CROSSFIRE": How silly we must look to our allies and to our enemies, quibbling over what boots on the ground means. Is General Dempsey right? Is President Obama right? Is Joe Biden right? Is John Kerry right? And all because the president seems far more committed to a political talking point than he does to a clear military strategy.

I can't believe that this is scaring anyone overseas, that we're having this debate so publicly. The president has the authority to say, "I don't know how -- how serious or deep this mission will go, but the mission is to destroy ISIS and leave the rest of everything on the table." Instead, he's boxed himself in.

BLITZER: You think so?

CARNEY: No, I don't. I understand that there is a desire by some to commit the United States to an open-ended war, to open the possibility of another land invasion of Iraq. There's no appetite in the United States for that.

And more than that, more than the unpopularity of that, we've been through that. We saw what it wrought. And in many ways we are here today because of the decisions made to invade Iraq more than a decade ago.

CUPP: I think, Jay, the president is also fond of false choices. And that was just one that you laid out. No one is talking about an open-ended war into perpetuity. We're talking about putting things on the table, not taking things off the table so that the president isn't in this very silly, semantic argument, having to defend a position that others around him, in his own circle, are now -- are now contradicting.

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