Gutierrez: Voting to Secure Border First "Would Be Derelict In My Duty to Protect America"


SEAN HANNITY: Last word. You can pass a bill, secure the border first, would you support that?

REP. LUIS GUTIERREZ (D-IL): No. Because it would be folly. It would be derelict in my duty to protect America.

HANNITY: In the mean time, every day you don't pass that bill -- you're demanding amnesty.

GUTIERREZ: I would be derelict to my duty.


GUTIERREZ: It sounds great. It sounds good.

HANNITY: It doesn't sound great.

GUTIERREZ: It sounds good, but it isn't an effective --

HANNITY: If you don't do it, it's a dereliction of duty, sir.


HANNITY: It's a dereliction of duty.

GUTIERREZ: This is the 9/11 commission report. They said this is what they had, they had the ability to get valid U.S. visas.

HANNITY: I got it.

GUTIERREZ: That's why they were chosen to come and attack us.

HANNITY: Do both. I agree with you.

GUTIERREZ: They had visas, they didn't need to come across the border.

HANNITY: Do that and secure the border.

GUTIERREZ: Why hire a coyote when you can fly first class?

HANNITY: Secure the border.

GUTIERREZ: ISIL gets a million dollars a day. They're putting them first class and sending them to America and they could be American just like you or I.

HANNITY: If something happens, I will blame members of Congress for not doing their job. If something happens because you don't do your job I blame you guys.

GUTIERREZ: This helps your ratings every night, I get that part.

I am here to protect America.

HANNITY: I am, too.

GUTIERREZ: You love this country? I love this country.

HANNITY: I love this country.

GUTIERREZ: And I think it is wrong to cast aspersions about people.

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