Ron Fournier: Obama "An Anvil To Democrats"


RON FOURNIER: To me, the big question with her, this could be a coronation or an inspiration. And she's not going to breech to the nomination, certainly not going to breech to the presidency, if she can't inspire people and talk about the future and not just the past, if she can't be authentic and not just scriptive politician.

JOHN KING, CNN: In my experience, it is a tough primary. Make sure a better general election candidate in most cases, and we're probably going to have a competitive general election 2016, so let's have it, let's have some fun.

Let's move on to 2014, again, 50 days away is the election. The big prize of this election year is can the Republicans take control of the United States Senate. They need a net gain of six. They think their chances are good because they're very competitive in some blue states. Look at this, brand new CNN poll we're releasing right here this morning on Inside Politics. Jeanne Shaheen, the incumbent Democrat, 48 percent. Scott Brown, once the senator from Massachusetts, now running for senate in New Hampshire, he's a Republican. 48 to 48, a dead heat in this state, and look at why.

Here's the reason why. Is the President a drag in this election year? He's won New Hampshire twice, he's won it handily. Approval rating, 35 percent. 60 percent disapprove. Ron, that is very similar to the Iowa numbers we've looked at last week, a dead heat in another blue state where the President is below 40.

FOURNIER: Yes, Senator Shaheen is at 53 percent, 54 percent approval rating.

KING: Right.

FOURNIER: She's being dragged down by President Obama. Brown is actually leading among young voters in New Hampshire, which surprises me because that's Obama's coalition. And Senator Shaheen has experienced at the Harvard Institute of Politics as a long tradition of inspiring young voters. She is -- what's happening there is a classic example of what we're seeing across the country, and that is the President being an anvil to Democrats.

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