Hillary: "Under Obama's Leadership Our Country Is On The Road To Recovery"


HILLARY CLINTON: One of the reasons this election is so important is because in Washington there is too little cooperation and too much conflict. And when it comes to moving America forward, we know what it takes. We've seen it. We've seen it in Tom Harkin. We've seen we've seen it in Bill Clinton. And we have seen it in Barack Obama.

Under President Obama's leadership our country is on the road to recovery. Now here in Iowa, for example, exports are up, for farmers they are way up, unemployment is down, down more than 25% since 2009 to just 4.5% this summer.

Renewable energy production has quadrupled in Iowa which means more jobs and a cleaner environment. And thanks to the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies have been forced to refund more than $1.7 million to Iowa families. But for all the progress we've made, President Obama and the rest of us will be quick to say we still have a lot of work to do.

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