Mark Levin on Ray Rice: Bill Clinton "Wasn't Banned From Anything"


MARK LEVIN: Finally, the president is speaking to the nation -- not in a joint session of Congress insisting on a declaration of war. Quite the contrary. From the White House, not insisting on a declaration of war, and I assure you that you'll be as confused tomorrow as you are today about Obama while on the other hand he tries to stop his sinking poll numbers. And they are sinking fast. They're sinking faster than that Oldsmobile sank with Mary Jo Kopechne at Chappaquiddick several decades ago.

Now why do I bring that up? I'll tell you why I bring that up -- I'm not spending a ton more time on this Ray Rice case. I talked about it yesterday. Very briefly. It's cut and dry. You don't slug a woman like that. Frankly, you don't slug a man like that unless it's self defense. Case closed. But it goes on and on and on. What's going to happen to the commissioner? And a liberal writer in the Washington Compost suggests Condi Rice, so all the talk show hosts promote Condi Rice. Why Condi Rice? Well, she fills the requirements. And what are those? Does Hillary Clinton fill the requirements too while she stood by while her husband was assaulting women?

Remember Juanita Broaddrick? 1999. She did an interview with -- oh, that reporter, [Lisa] Myers. Where she anyway? With NBC? Accusing Bill Clinton of rape, giving very specific information about how he sexually brutalized her. Remember that? Remember how they trashed her? Or ignored her? Or dismissed her? Never brought up. He wasn't banned from anything. He can go to football games all he wants. No, he wasn't banned, no. CBS news didn't do any great story on that. No, no, I don't remember that.

Remember Chappaquiddick? The lion of the senate. That's what Orrin Hatch called him. That's what John McCain called him. Mary Jo Kopechne. I know. So long ago. A woman actually died in that Oldsmobile. Somehow Teddy got out, swam to shore. Took him ten hours to call authorities. But, hey, what the heck? He was tired. Long walk you know from there to the hotel. Did that stop him from being an United States senator? No. Did that that stop him from running for the nomination in 1980? Did that stop him from being the lion of the Senate? No.

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