Krauthammer: If Obama Were A Prime Minister, He Would Be Booted Out In A No Confidence Vote


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: This was a political speech in the guise of a military plan. There wasn't a lot in the plan, it was obvious stuff meaning an air campaign to support Iraqis and Kurds on the ground which we've been doing. And then analogizing it to what we're doing in Yemen, saying our objective is to do what we're doing in Yemen and Somalia, which are both failed states where we have been doing nothing except pinprick attacks that occasionally knock out a leader or two, it hasn't changed anything on the ground. It's hardly a model you want to use.

This is a political speech, because this is a president trying to save a collapsed presidency. The numbers that you cited about the lack of support, confidence in his presidency -- if he were a prime minister in a parliament he would be out of office with a vote of no confidence. There is a way to try to tell America, as he said, America is safer, who believes that? America has a plan, it's a very weak one and it has got a president who will lead. There are not a lot of American who believe that today with the speech and even after the speech

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