Gingrich to Carney: This Was Closer To A George W. Bush Speech Than Anything Obama Has Said Before


NEWT GINGRICH: Jay, let me break in and say two things. First just as a logical point, you just now said the president by your own terms, apparently really wanted to have American troops there (Iraq) in perpetuity, although a few minutes ago you pointed out we didn't want troops there in perpetuity. You can't have it both ways.

Second, this speech, really struck me as we are sitting here talking. You know, reality is a harsh teacher. This speech is closer to a George W. Bush speech than it is to anything Barack Obama would have said between 2007 and this week. I mean, go through the speech, tell me what do you think Dick Cheney would not be willing to say that is in the speech.

It is a remarkable moment of a president who didn't want to be doing this, being trapped in a world -- I like the speech, I think it is a very powerful speech, but it sure is not the Obama policy prior to tonight.

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