Chris Matthews on Obama Speech: I Didn't Hear How We're Going To Defeat ISIS, "Didn't Sound Sufficient"


CHRIS MATTHEWS: I heard all the necessary conditions but not the sufficient conditions for defeating ISIS. And I didn't hear in there how we're going to encourage the Arab countries, the Islamic world to go after ISIS. I didn't hear that. I heard air strikes by the United States. I heard military training and support for the Free Syrian Army. I heard vague reference to someone over there flying with us over Syria right now without saying what country that was, what ally that was. Nothing really about the building of a posse. And everyone from David Ignatius and others who really know this region are saying the only way you defeat a cancer like this, like ISIS, is within the Islamic world itself. They must find themselves the strength and the determination to go in and erase this blot on their culture. And I didn't hear in this speech how we're going to do that or if we can even imagine being the leaders of such an effort. Again, I'll say these are necessary steps. They didn't sound sufficient.

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