George Will: Without Teleprompter, Obama Is "Not That Good"


GEORGE WILL: Well, degrade, destroy, roll back and shrink. Now, when you promise, as he's done, to do a lot and also promise to do a little, you're going to succeed one way or another. I think much has been made about the president's reliance on a teleprompter, and today we saw in all seriousness one reason why. He's not that good when he's winging it, and it's very hard to be good when you're making up a policy as you go along from press conference to press conference. I don't know how -- I've said this before here, I'll say it again. I don't know how you shrink the footprint of ISIS when it is in cities, big cities that the United States fought hard in the case of Fallujah, for example, to liberate. I don't know how you do that unless you have an awful lot of, as we say, boots on the ground. It's a basic principle of politics. If you will an end, you have to will the means to that end, and I don't see that we're ready to do that.

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