O'Reilly: Jerry Brown's "Sanctuary State" Of California


BILL O'REILLY: Very quietly, Governor Brown has created a sanctuary state in California. That is his state will not cooperate with the feds by enforcing immigration law. Earlier this week, Mexican President Nieto traveled to California and was greeted as a hero by authorities there, even though Nieto could pardon Marine Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi, who has been imprisoned in Mexico for six months.

But, President Nieto will not allow Sergeant Tahmooressi's freedom even though he has post-traumatic stress disorder. And, as the world knows, the weapons' beef against the sergeant is low level to say the least. Governor Brown was asked about Tahmooressi on a radio program.

GOV. BROWN: You know what? I am just getting information on that thing. So, you know, there are lots of issues in both countries because of our -- the people going there, they are coming here. So, I do not think that is something that I am going to comment on, at least on this radio show.

O'REILLY: Governor Brown just getting information about the sergeant? Hard to believe. But, let us get back to immigration law. Here is what Mr. Brown said about that.

GOV. BROWN: Could we assemble here with the Governors, the secretaries and so many good people, some citizens, maybe many not. But, you are all welcome in California, today. It was not very long ago that the Governor of California was outlawing drivers' licenses for people who are undocumented from Mexico. That is not the law anymore.

O'REILLY: By allowing folks who sneak in here or overstay their visas, legal status to drive, Governor Brown is subverting federal law, as well as undermining comprehensive immigration reform. Talking points wants, wants a fair new federal immigration law that all states obey; but, that is not going to happen as long as people like Jerry Brown disregard current federal policy.

That is because in order to get so-called comprehensive immigration reform, there has to be compromised. But the open border people and the amnesty folks will not compromise if they think they can get what they want without securing the southern border. See, that is the big thing. Making the southern border impenetrable to illegal aliens, drug smugglers and terrorists.

As long as the feds will not do that, many in congress will not vote for a pathway to citizenship. Are we all understanding that? First you secure the border in a very visible way. Then you deal with the millions of illegal people and their children who are already here. That is how you get comprehensive immigration reform passed in congress.

But, Governor Brown and others have subverted the entire process. They are saying to everybody, "Hey! Hey! You are welcome in California. Come on in." Simply put, that is insane. We all know why Jerry Brown is doing what he is doing -- votes. About a third of all people living in California were not born in the U.S.A.

In addition, illegal immigration is costing the golden state an estimated $25 billion a year. So, what do you have to say about that, Governor Brown? American citizens in your state paying $25 billion because you defy federal law. That is absolutely irresponsible, most likely illegal, and as I said, completely insane.

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