Obama On Dealing With ISIS: "We Don't Have A Strategy Yet"


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: I have consulted with Congress throughout this process. I am confident that as commander in chief I have the authority to engage in the acts we are conducting currently. As our strategy develops, we will continue to consult with Congress, and it will be important for Congress to weigh in, for our consultations with Congress continue to develop so the American people are part of the debate.

But I don't want to but the cart before the horse. We don't have a strategy yet. What I have seen in the news reports suggests folks are getting further ahead of where we are at than we currently are. That's not just my assessment, but the assessment of our military as well. We need to make sure we have clear plans and we're developing them. At that point, I will consult with Congress and make sure their voices are heard. But there is no point in me asking for action on the part of Congress before I know exactly what it is that will be required for us to get the job done.

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