Sean Hannity Explodes On Muslim Cleric Defending Islamic State


SEAN HANNITY: Do you support convert or die?

ANJEM CHOUDARY: What you're talking about is complete falsehood. First of all, the Yazidis went to the mountain before the Islamic state came to the area. First of all they said there were 40,000 and then 20,000 and said a couple hundred and they were living in the mountains anyway in villages. So this is a complete pack of lies in order to villainize. There’s nothing called Isis anymore. The Christians coming back into Mosul because they realized the life under the shari'ah is better.

HANNITY: Let me ask you now -- listen, you're rewriting -- you're writing your own history. You’re wasting our time.


HANNITY: Should Gay people be stoned to death?

ANJEM CHOUDARY: Well, you know, homosexuality, and bestiality, and pedophilia, and these things I think are your order of life.  I believe.. bestiality is legal in America.  You know, you can have a relationship with just about whoever you want.  In Islam, Allah created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

HANNITY: Should gay people be stoned to death?

ANJEM CHOUDARY:  Under the Islamic State, people would not be doing this relationship in the public arena, and if they do, there will be punishment, of course.

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