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Bill Kristol: Rand Paul's Foreign Policy Possibly Worse Than Hillary Clinton's

BILL KRISTOL: I don't agree with him on foreign policy and he may be closer to where the public is than I am. That for me is not the fundamental issue on foreign policy, it's what's good for the country.

I think what you said earlier is right, he is closer to Republicans and conservatives on some issues than a Jeb Bush or a Mitt Romney. I'm with him on some of those issues, on immigration, on compromises, on Common Core, he's probably pretty good, he's just skeptical of government in general.

On foreign policy, I think the critique of Rand Paul -- and it’s a substantive issue, not really political name-calling issue -- is his foreign policy would be a lot like President Obama’s, I think. If anything, maybe a little more restrained. There's a case to be made for that but it's not a case I agree with. I think it should be thoroughly debated.

I don’t agree with some of my friends who want to excommunicate Rand Paul, but I also don’t agree with Rand Paul when he sort of tries to avoid substantive debate by saying, ‘well, someone else is a war-monger’ or, you know, ‘if you’re for bombing the hell out of ISIL, you’re somehow for sending 200,000 troops back to Iraq.' (Laura Ingraham Show, August 25, 2014)

(via MofoPolitics)

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