Krauthammer: Obama's "Narcissism" Won't Allow Him To Admit Any Mistakes He Has Made


BILL O'REILLY: Why isn't Barack Obama leading the way many past presidents have? Why?

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Look, there are ten theories I could offer, but the one that strikes me, the one as the most is he defines himself as anti-Bush. He sees his mission in life as taking us out of wars. That's how he got elected. He thinks that if we leave places, nothing will change and we'll all be safe.

O'REILLY: He can't believe that. He can't believe that.

KRAUTHAMMER: He's governed that way for five years.

O'REILLY: I know but he can't believe it, Charles. He can't believe it when he sees people being beheaded in front of cameras. He sees 35,000 miles of territory taken over by a terrorist army. He sees China's provocation of Russia. He can't believe that nothing bad is going to happen. He can't. That's impossible.

KRAUTHAMMER: You can't believe that he can't believe it, but he does. I've been arguing this since 2009 when he withdraw our power from Iraq. He doesn't do a thing about the expansion of Russia. He barely backs an ally when the Chinese are expanding into the East and South China seas. He does this for years and years. Now to admit that all of these things have gone sour is to admit that everything he's done for the five years has been a mistake, and a misunderstanding of the world. That is hard for anyone to do, and with Obama, with his streak of narcissism, it is impossible for him to do.

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