Noonan to Obama: "Sometimes You Have To Stop Having Fun, You Have To Be Doing The Job"


PEGGY NOONAN: I think what your old boss is doing here is very dangerous for him and in an optics way. It has to do with making real -- making into a metaphor something that people already think. There's already a sense out there from Democrats and Republicans that the president seems a little bit disengaged from the process and a little detached from what's going on.

For him repeatedly to be -- to be showing, for many months now, that vacation and golf and all of these things are so terribly important to him, underscores the original charge of a certain detachment and disengagement.

Nobody begrudges a president going away, but people are impressed when a David Cameron, during a crisis like this moment with ISIS, comes back from his first day of vacation to do his job.

And they're impressed when the French, I think, foreign minister says to Mr. Obama, sometimes you have to stop having fun, you have to be doing the job.

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