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Russell Brand: WSJ's Jason Riley Sounds White, "Betraying His Race"

In his most recent YouTube commentary, actor and comedian Russell Brand took aim at WSJ's Jason Riley for his recent commentary on crime in the black community. Brand called Riley a sell-out who does what he's told.

"Could he act anymore of a Richard Pryor with the voice of a white person?" Brand asked. Partial transcript below as it was difficult to transcribe:

RUSSELL BRAND: Author of the book: I Am A Convenient African-American Who Will Betray My Racial Roots For Fox News...

Of course there’s an economic aspect to the argument. Of course there’s a social aspect. You can’t bring out the author of the book We Deserve to be Shot to just to support arguments, that meme that Fox News can carry on and keep being as they are. That corporate America can keep on carrying on to be entities.

Just bow down to authority at every possibility. Never try to fix injustice — keep your mouth shut! Write a book called, Kick Me in the Ass All Day Long: I’ll Do as I’m Told!...

And could he act anymore of a Richard Pryor with the voice of a white person?

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