MSNBC Law Enforcement Expert: "Police Have To Expect To Be Punched In The Face"


JIM CAVANAUGH, MSNBC LAW ENFORCEMENT ANALYST: There's an old police saying, if there's trouble getting the information, there's usually trouble with the information. There would be no reason not to tell us what the officer's injuries were. By the way, I think the officer did suffer some injury bruise to the right of his face, whether Michael Brown punched him, whether his slammed on the rail during the altercation or whether his firearm kicked back in the close quarters of the police vehicle and banged his face. I'm not seeing that as a big dispute. I'd say he probably does have some injury to his face. It doesn't justify shooting him when he's running away and shooting him and the shots later. It's completely a different issue. So police, you've got to expect to be punched in the face. You can punch back, but you can't shoot back, not in the situation that's, you know, not life threatening.

So all this information, where is it? It's disappeared. Is it in the arch? I don't see it. I think that we need the Department of Justice to make some decisions for the country, for the county, for the people, make the decision. This is about leaders making decisions. They did it in the Civil Rights Era, all the heros of that era made the decisions. If the county prosecutor wants to make it, he should make it. But the county's prosecutor's office is full of great prosecutors who decide probable cause every day. Cops decide probable cause every day. Every arrest is a sign of probably cause, every warrant, every search warrant, we all decide probable cause. It's not that hard to do. We live it. It can be decided and a decision needs to be made.

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